LAEL 2015

The Linguistics Association of Turkey (Dilbilim Dernegi - DD) and the Department of Linguistics of Bogazici University will be organizing a three-day workshop on Linguistic Approaches to Endangered Languages: Theory and Description, July 28-30, 2015. The workshop will be partially supported by Comité International Permanent des Linguistes (CIPL).

The workshop is aimed at bringing together linguists working on linguistic analyses of endangered languages mainly, but not exclusively, of Eurasia. According to the Catalogue of Endangered Languages, 43% of living languages are endangered. These statistics underline the significance of linguistic analyses of endangered languages. While the documentation of these languages is crucial in preserving them for posterity, it is undeniable that rigorous analysis of the data will enhance our understanding of the properties of human language, thus providing us with further insight into the nature of the cognitive functions of the human mind.

List of Accepted Papers

5 July 2015
Conference PROGRAM has been announced.
19 Jan 2015
Early bird deadline has been extended to March 2, 2015.
10 Jan 2015
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