Accepted Papers


Emphatic particles in some minority languages of Daghestan
Diana Forker
Issues of syntactic ergativity in Tsakhur
Sarah Moeller
Towards the restructuring of Sardinian: Case studies in language shift
Rosangela Lai
When Case is not Case: Evidence from Laz
Ömer Demirok and Ömer Eren
North Cyprus Gurbet variety of Gypsy revisited: Methodological considerations
Javanshir Shibliyev and Fatoş Erozan
The History and syntax of the copula construction in Sason Arabic
Faruk Akkuş and Elabbas Benmamoun
The VP in Hoava: a case study in the scientific significance of endangered languages
Bill Palmer
When is a diphthong not a diphthong? Complex nuclei in Fataluku
Tyler Heston
Cognate objects in Sason Arabic
Faruk Akkuş and Balkız Öztürk
The morphosyntax of Baigani: A comparison with Chhattisgarhi and Hindi
Gurujegan Murugesan
Relativization in Pharasiot Greek
Metin Bağrıaçık
Agreeing complementizers and logophoricity in Laz
Ömer Demirok and Balkız Öztürk
Finite and nonfinite subordination in Udmurt
Ekaterina Georgieva
Syllable harmony: The Karaim case
Éva Ágnes Csató and Lars Johanson
Grammaticalizing borrowing in Pontic
Angela Ralli and Marianna Gkiouleka
The role of contact on endangered languages. A case in Northern Italy
Ermenegildo Bidese, Jan Casalicchio and Patrizia Cordin
The value of interactional data in the Yurakaré and ǂĀkhoe Haiǀǀom language corpora
Gertie Hoymann and Sonja Gipper
Turkish phrasal suffixes in Pharasiot Greek
Metin Bağrıaçik, Aslı Göksel and Angela Ralli
Endangered languages of Istanbul: Documentation and description
Umberto Ansaldo and Emre Güvendir
Endangered languages in Hong Kong’s urban linguistic diversity
Lisa Lim and Umberto Ansaldo
Lexical or classifier verbs: An investigation of instrumental verbs in Turkish Sign Language (TİD)
Aslı Özkul
North-eastern Neo-Aramaic in contact in the Mesopotamia-Anatolia region
Eleanor Coghill


Evidence on aspects of language maintenance through asynchronous computer mediated communication among young Algerian users: The case of Berber in Algeria
Mimouna Zitouni and Abdelkader Lotfi Benhattab
Codeswitching in Lazuri child talk
Peri O. Yüksel-Sökmen and Patricia J. Brooks
Multifunctional modal clitics in Kui
Glenn Windschuttel
In the interest of diversity- Charting language preservation and the minority language regime in India
Kartik Tripathi
Diseases in the Erzya language
Flóra Hatvani
Zaachila Zapotec: A segmental and tonal analysis
Andrea Ariza Garcia
The cognitive approach towards the research of emotion words in the Karata language
Haibat Kadachieva
Linearization in noun phrases in Turkish Sign Language
Derya Nuhbalaoğlu and Sumru Özsoy
The role of written languages in language documentation. The case of Karaim
Zsuzsanna Olach